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1.1. ShoppingSolaire.Com is owned by KOB Web Designer Ltd UK:  How to contact us?

The company KOB WEB DESIGNER LTD is a company with a capital of 25 000 € to Companies House registered under No. 7294233 in London UK.

To help you in your choice of products best suited to your needs, our Pre-Sales-Consulting Service is available:


                               Phone: +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call charge)

                               Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, excluding holidays.

If you want to track the performance of your order, exercise your right of withdrawal or request the application of the warranty of your product, our customer service is at your disposal:


                               By Email: Connect on our website under the heading " My account / history and details of your order "then click the command in question and leave your message in the form.


                               By phone: +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call charge) if you want to track the performance of your order, exercise your right of withdrawal or request the application of the warranty of your product.


For information and questions, our Customer Service is available:

                               By Email: Connect on our website under the heading " My account / history and details of your order "then click the command in question and leave your message at the bottom of the form or click the" Contact "


We remind you that you can also:

                               Access your order online on your customer account via this link which also gives you access to online tracking of all your orders.

                               Use the Help section for further information.

Write to us at the following address: KOB WEB DESIGNER LTD Penhurst House - Office 15

352-356 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BY


1.2. The shop Www. ShoppingSolaire.Com: what information it contains?

The company KOB WEB DESIGNER LTD has developed and operates the website "  ShoppingSolaire.Com "

The site "  ShoppingSolaire.Com "is presented in French, English and Spanish. In particular, given the following information:

Ø The legal notice specifically identifying the company KOB WEB DESIGNER LTD

Ø The essential characteristics of the goods offered and their prices in Euro, Dollar and Pound, and participation in shipping when it is effective,

Ø Details on how to exercise your right of withdrawal,

Ø The validity of the offer.

2.1. Customer services: you waiting for?

You're normally a consumer who expects the full satisfaction of such purchases.

We are committed to doing everything we can to satisfy you, to build a trusting relationship and lasting cordial. Thus, our customer service is at your disposal and want to pay attention to your comments.

By your order, you acknowledge that you have full legal capacity to hire you under these terms and conditions.

3. 1. The general conditions of sale: they define that?

Any order you place on ShoppingSolaire.Com will be subject to these terms and conditions.

These are intended to lay down rules on sales and the rights and obligations.

We inform you that, insofar as you order products online, your agreement on the content of these general conditions of sale does not require a handwritten signature.

We are vigilant to regularly adapt the text of general conditions of sale.

As well, we invite you to read the version in force at the date of your order.

To this end, you have the ability to download, store and reproduce the conditions.

The contract of sale of property purchased on ShoppingSolaire.Com consists of general conditions of sale in force at the time of ordering and order.

3.2. Online ordering: the traces of the sale?

Unless proved otherwise, our computer records, kept in conditions of reasonable security, will demonstrate communications, orders and payments.

We will proceed with a filing of purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable, can be legally produced as evidence.

Upon request, you will have access to the commands of an amount greater than or equal to 120 Euros.

3.3. The conditions of tenders: product availability?

Our product offerings and prices are valid until they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks.

For products not stocked in our warehouses, our offers are subject to availability from our suppliers. In this framework, information on the availability of products are provided when placing your order. This information comes directly from our suppliers, errors or changes may occur exceptionally.

In the event of unavailability of products not stored after placing your order, we will notify you by mail upon receipt of the information provided by suppliers.

Unless you do want an alternative to similar equipment, your order will be canceled and unavailable will be refunded if your account was debited.

3.4. The product identification information provided?

The photographs, text, graphics, data sheets are mostly derived from material prepared by manufacturers or manufacturers under their control and reproduced with their permission.

If you make a purchase in order to achieve a coordinated or compatibility with a product already in your possession, you must clearly express that need, because we could be required to compatibility problems which we could not anticipate the causes.

3.5. The marketing of products: the compliance of tenders?

The products we offer are compliant with legislation and standards applicable in France and within the European community.

In the particular case where a package does not contain a notice paper in French or English ShoppingSolaire.Com committed to providing you with this additional paper or digital form, according to our possibilities.

For purchases in view of export, you must verify the specificity of the laws in force in the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations, prohibitions, etc. ...

Our responsibility can not be held liable for non-compliance with the laws of the country where the product is shipped, you should check with local authorities the possibility of importing or using products or services.

3.6. Purchases for business use: under what conditions?

We intend to sell to professionals, although the products offered have performance consistent with professional practice.

Assuming a purchase for business use, so we draw your attention to the need to assess the compatibility of proposed uses with performance. Our site is not responsible for any damages whatsoever, resulting from an occupation.


3.7. Your information when ordering: the information provided?

You must verify the completeness and compliance information you provide when ordering, especially concerning the delivery address and the accuracy of your data.

We could not be held responsible for possible entry errors and consequences (eg delays or errors in shipments). In this context, the costs incurred for the return of the order would be your responsibility.

4.1. The anti-fraud controls: problems when ordering?

To ensure secure transactions and respond to the concern of many, to prevent fraud in the sale at a distance, we do random checks on the ordering.

As part of a random check, please send email proof of address and / or identity (the aim being to ensure the reality of identity and domicile [for example a release EDF, a phone bill and proof of identity]) for the perfection of order.

In the absence of evidence or if the documents sent can not verify the identity of the person ordering and the reality of the direct debit, we would be obliged to cancel the order to ensure safety online transactions.

5.1. Payment methods: how to pay?

To pay for your order, you have multiple payment methods at the final validation of the order:

       Credit card,

       PayPal account: PayPal lets you pay online without sharing your financial information during the transaction.
Explore the universe PayPal - click here

       Map Cofinoga (more detail in the Help section)

       Map Aurora


       Money order.

       Cash Ticket click here

When paying by check, it must be issued by a bank domiciled in France.

An order paid by check or money order will be processed on receipt of payment, it being cashed immediately. The periods of availability as shipping start from the date of registration of means of payment.

An order paid by credit card (Visa, Carte Bleue, MasterCard and American Express) will be charged at time of shipment.

5.2. Online payment: what security?

By validating the order form, you warrant to us to have permission to use the payment method you choose.

Please be assured that the credit card details are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and never transmitted unencrypted over the network. Payment is made directly through the bank.

5.3. Total payment: principle.

Payment is due in full after the command.

The amounts collected will not be considered as a deposit.

An order will be considered closed when all products have been shipped and you will be entirely paid products and your participation in shipping.

5.4. Incomplete payment: to what effect?

We have the right to refuse delivery or to deliver an order in case you have not settled in full or in part a previous order, or in cases where a payment dispute remain.

We retain full ownership of the items for sale, until full receipt of all sums due at the time of your order (including fees and taxes).

However after receiving the goods, the burden of risk is transferred to you. You must therefore ensure the proper conservation of these goods.

In case of resale, the customer agrees to immediately notify the seller by mail, to enable it to carry on, if necessary, its right to claim the prize to the third party buyer and inform him of the existence of a reservation of ownership.

5.5. Delivery method: what choice?

Products will be delivered to the address you specified on the order form. The purchase of "Sim" with subscription to a telephone network or prepaid sum is reserved for individuals residing in mainland France and Corsica.

For other countries you need to call your local distributor in your area.

Depending on the weight and / or volume of different products ordered, we give the choice of different modes of transport. (The Post, DHL)

The company KOB Web Designer Ltd reserves the right to charge a contribution towards postage: below a certain threshold of control.

The required is detailed and shown before confirmation of the order.

5.6. Delivery times: when your products arrive?

A deadline for delivery you will be notified before the checkout process, given the choice of carrier you want.

Delivery times shown are those applicable at the checkout.

Please note that orders paid by check or money order will be processed upon receipt of payment method. Timely availability of such shipment shall be recalculated from the date of registration of such settlements.

5.7. Late delivery of post: what to do?

In case of late delivery by post within eight working days after the mailing date indicated in the email " - advice of shipment , "we suggest you check with your local post office if the package is not pending, then, if necessary, please report the delay in contacting our customer service by phone or by sending an email (see Art.1.1).

We then contacted the Post to an investigation.

The Post investigation may take up to 21 days after its opening date. If during this period, the product is found, it will be forwarded as soon as possible to your home. If however the product is still not located after these 21 days, the Post Office will consider the parcel as lost.

At the close loss to the survey, we will send you a substitute (referral at our expense). If the ordered products were to become unavailable, you can get a refund of the products concerned by the statement confirmed loss of the carrier.

6.1. Delay in delivery of other carriers: what to do?

In case of late delivery by other carriers within five to ten business days following the shipment date specified in the email " - advice of shipment ", please report the delay in contacting our customer service by phone or email (see Art.1.1).

We will open an investigation with the carrier concerned to obtain the location of the parcel.

If the merchandise is found, it will be returned as soon as possible to your home. Otherwise and after obtaining the Cease said the carrier, we will reship the product (s) (s) or permanent unavailability, we will refund the money collected under the terms of these general conditions of sale.

It is recalled that no refund or return the product could be made before the close of the investigation.

7.1. The initial audit: what precautions?

We invite you to check (or have it checked by the agent who receives) the apparent condition of products upon delivery to the carrier. Whatever the carrier and in the presence of an apparent anomaly (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken products, etc ...), you must:

- Unpack the package in the presence of the deliveryman, and
- Inclusion of reserves by detailed handwritten sign next to the factor. Reserves taken by the recipient upon delivery are evidence of the existence and extent of the damage. Make sure you are accurate and complete in their essays (the mere words "subject to unpacking" is considered too general and imprecise), and
- Inform the company KOB Web Designer Ltd by mail within three (3) business days after delivery of your package.

To report any problems to the reception, it is essential that you keep the items in the state in which they were delivered to you (accessories, instructions, packaging (s) and package (s) included).

Warning! if you give the receipt of product to another person (concierge of your building receptionist in the workplace, ...) it receives the package on your behalf and your behalf.

He is responsible for this reason, you should ask him to be vigilant about monitoring precautions and remind him to bring the thing received the same care as if it was personally addressed.

We ask that you be especially vigilant when receiving your order regarding his audit and the finding of an anomaly.

If the products need to be returned, you will submit a request for return by regular mail to read "KOB Web Designer Ltd, Customer Service, Penhurst House - Office 15 - 352/356 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BY.

This request shall be accompanied, where appropriate, a copy of mail addressed to the carrier or "damage report" or "material irregularities" from the carrier. In the absence of an anomaly related to transportation, demand the return number can be made by telephone with our customer service. The return will be in accordance with the terms of Article 7 below.

In any case, these precautions do not preclude the benefit of legal safeguards and the right of retraction.

7.2. You spot a mistake or theft: how to react?

As part of a supply by the Post if the package arrives open and / or damaged (especially with the presence of yellow tape "Post"), you can either accept or reject it.

If you or your attorney decide to accept the goods, you must be careful to:
- Inclusion of detailed written reservations on the anomaly (see § 7.1), and
- Complete a parallel "material irregularities" such as postulated regulation of the Post. This form should be sent to us so we can investigate and take legal action for compensation, if any.

If you or your representative prefer to refuse the goods, in addition to "detailed handwritten reserves" to be issued, you should ask the carrier that the package will be returned with a "damage report" (finding 170). Proactively, we recommend that you keep a copy of this form.

As part of a delivery made by other carriers , whether or not you accept delivery for any package opened or damaged, you must make "detailed handwritten reserves" that you notice on the schedule of the delivery and whose we notify you by mail, and the carrier within three (3) business days after delivery.

Some carriers may have to perform a home inspection to ascertain the state of the package delivered before its removal and if necessary re-routing to our service, accompanied by a notification of incidence.


7.3. You see a delivery error: what now?

Error recipient. In case you do receive a delivery is not intended, please keep the package in the state and to immediately inform our customer service:

                               Phone: +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call charge)

          Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, excluding holidays.

- Or by logging onto our website in the "My Account" where, after having been identified and selected the order number, you will make your point through a drop down menu.

Products delivered do not comply with the order. In case of non-conforming product, you can make your complaints to our customer service:

                               Phone: +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call charge)

          Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, excluding holidays.

- Or by logging onto our website in the "My Account" where, after you have logged in and select the order number you can ask a question or make a request through a menu.

You will be asked to describe specifically the reasons for non-compliance.

8.1. A full return of the command: Documents + product .

Upon return, we recommend you over-pack the original packaging of your products because we can not return the goods returned in full (instructions, manuals, etc. ...), with their bag packing of origin, all of which should be intact and undamaged.

You must accompany your return a copy of the invoice.

The refund or exchange assume you do not damage the product or that you did not return incomplete.

8.2. The risk of return: Precautions

We draw your special attention to the fact that in the absence of pre-paid label to return the product you need:

       by declaring the value of the product as a result of the purchase invoice and

       ensuring the complete coverage of risk of return, in connection with the purchase invoice.

8.3. If an error or nonconformity: the return is at our expense

Upon receipt of the reasoned request, we will assign a return number (s) to relevant product (s) you will be immediately notified.

If a delivery error on the reference of the product ordered or apparent non-compliance true: a prepaid label will be more sent by mail, to effect the removal of the product (s) (s) at our expense (unless we make a direct appeal to a carrier for the return of the goods at your home, depending on the mode of transportation to the product). In the presence of a prepaid label, returns are then to be sent quickly to our service after-sales with their original packaging, complete (accessories, manuals ...) in good condition, with an apparent reference to the return number on the package and slipped right back inside. In any event you care to select suitable packaging to return.

8.4. The duration of the right of withdrawal: on what timescale?

We grant you a cooling off period of 7 calendar days (except for obsolete products) are to be returned at your expense, the products do not suit you. These periods shall run from the day after receiving the product. After that time, you no longer have this right of withdrawal.

When this period expires on a weekend, holiday or day off, it is extended to next business day.

After that time, you no longer have this right of withdrawal except where it could move simultaneously and where he needs to appeal to an immediate benefit and the conditions necessary for existence. In this case, it would continue to exercise its right of withdrawal without any reasons or incurring penalties.

8.5. The right of withdrawal: how?

To ensure the proper management of returns, we urge you to report your return prior to our customer service: - by logging onto the website under the heading "follow your order" in which, after identification and determination of the number command, you can ask a question or make a request through a menu. - By phone at +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call rates) Monday to Friday, without interruption, excluding holidays A number of return you will be awarded. Assuming the right of withdrawal, you can request either a refund of amounts collected or exchange of an amount equivalent to payments made or, where appropriate, with a bank loan, according to legal provisions force. This right of withdrawal is without penalty. However, the cost of perfect back are your responsibility. You must ensure that the order for which you retract is returned complete, in the conditions of Articles 8.1. and 8.2 above.

8.6. Restrictions on the right of withdrawal:

The right of withdrawal and intellectual property: the case of products copied
Given the rules on intellectual property, we remind you that the copied products, such as logos, are the subject of personal use rights and regulating specific copies, public distribution and reproduction. As provided for in Article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal may be exercised for contracts to supply audio or video recordings or computer software if they have been unsealed. .

The right of withdrawal       
Given that these products are made to order, according to the specifications of the consumer and are clearly individualized, the right of withdrawal may be exercised in accordance with Article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, except in the particular case of a product defect upon receipt.

8.7. The effect of the right of withdrawal: what are your choices?

Upon exercise of the right to withdraw, we will make every effort to reimburse you within 15 days of receipt of return. However, given the specific nature of products sold, this period may be extended to 30 days, especially when the product requires an audit by our customer service (these products to be in all cases tested). You will then be repaid by re-credit system (secure transaction) if paid by credit card or check in other cases.


8.8. Guarantees: what do they mean?

Products purchased on our website are guaranteed for authenticity indicated on the record.

-To make sure the steps to follow on after-sales service for any problems you can contact Customer Service at                     

                               Phone: +33 9 53 23 63 65 (local call charge)

          Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, excluding holidays.

9.1. Price calculation: what taxes?

All orders will be charged inclusive of all taxes (VAT). You will not be entitled to reimbursement of the French VAT corresponding to (x) product (s) ordered (s) unless you meet the requirements to qualify for a tax refund.

We reserve the right to reject any tax refund that does not correspond to the conditions specified in these terms and conditions, as well as those requested by Customs.

All requests related to tax refund and / or VAT will be made after billing (s) product (s) thereto.

9.2. You are a national non-EU: how to get a VAT refund?


If you reside outside the European Union and overseas territories, the invoice is drawn to this address, and you want to receive a tax refund, you can request a bill of sale for export from our services.

The price calculated and stated on the invoice will be inclusive of all taxes (VAT). The goods can be zero-rated will be the ones you bought for your personal needs in detail the purposes of tourism, and the amount of your purchases will be greater than or equal to € 175.00 (including VAT) but exclude postage and / or offers services and / or promotional offers.

We invite you to review and monitor the conditions previously required to qualify for VAT exemption French, by the following link .


You must make your request slip export sales from our services via telephone or mail.

You must provide certain documents before we issue the Form VAT refund: legible copy of both sides of an ID (passport, residence permit, consular card, etc. ...), sworn statement (handwritten and identical to the model that will be sent by Customer Service) and proof of residence abroad.

After removal of the flap described by Customs within 3 months of purchase, we will be able to restore transfer by check, the amount of VAT on the product (s) concerned. The period before shipment processing the refund will vary between four (4) and six (6) weeks after receipt of Pink component covered by the Customs.


In case of non compliance with conditions and / or formalities, we may have to refuse to issue the VAT refund slip.

Service offerings and / or promotions we may offer, as well as participation in shipping will not receive any tax refund.

9.3. You are a national intra: Can you recover VAT?

If you are an individual or an entity not subject to VAT, you will pay the prices include all taxes (VAT), participation in shipping included if necessary. If you are an entity subject to VAT (including a non-French company located in a State of the European Union): please note that Rue Du Commerce VAT refunds directly to the responsible representative, located in the member state of the European Union concerned (Belgium and Luxembourg). You may well not recover VAT on your purchases.

9.4. Ordering a product for use outside of France: you have to watch?

You must take into consideration the fact that, as part of the relocation of an order or a product to another country than France, the importer you live (or purchaser intra-Community) or the products.

Customs duties, local taxes, import duties, or state taxes may be needed is your responsibility.

You should check with local authorities in your home on the conditions for entry of goods ordered and you need to make any statement or payment related to the competent agencies of the country concerned.

In addition, you should check with local authorities the possibility to import or use of products or services you plan to route. You must also ensure that the specific techniques the builder should respect the law of the country concerned.

If you do not respect the laws of the country where you have introduced products, we can not be held responsible.

Especially if you do other than deliver on French territory, you are required to proceed with the authorities of your country, to pay any tax, fee or remuneration due for private copying or broader property rights intellectual.

You must therefore learn about the submission of any product ordered from this tax, fee or remuneration, the amount thereof and the manner of its declaration and its payment to the authorities designated by the law of your delivery.

10.1. Waiver of responsibility: the case of force majeure .

Are considered fortuitous event or force majeure liability all exculpatory facts or circumstances irresistible, unforeseeable and beyond the control of the parties.

In such circumstances, a merger is preferable to examine the impact of the event and agree the conditions under which the contract will be continued.

11.1. Computer law, files and liberties: what are your rights?

According to French law " Informatique et libertés "n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access and rectify data concerning you and you can exercise this right by sending an email to the address Next: "KOB Web Designer Company Ltd, Marketing Department - Penhurst House - Office 15 -352 / 356 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BY.

Depending on your choices made when creating or viewing your account, you will likely receive offers from our company. If you want more, you can always us a request via your customer area or by writing us at the address above.

We inform you that the electronic processing of information, including management of email addresses of users, has been declared to the CNIL under the number "in progress".

According to a ministerial request based on the provisions of Law No. 91-646 of 10 July 1991, we will, as part of the sale of packs and kits Access Prepaid Mobile Phone Shop, your contact information to operators .

11.2. International Sales: under English law

Any dispute which the order could result, for example regarding the performance, interpretation, validity or cancellation will be governed by the substantive French law (for rules of form, as the substantive rules) to excluding the provisions of the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on the International Sale of Goods.

11.3. Scope of these conditions: the invalidation of a clause does not affect other

If one or more provisions of these terms are held to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, other provisions shall remain in full force and scope.

11.4. Danger of data loss!

We remind you that it is prudent to safeguard the personal data contained in the products purchased.

We are not responsible for any loss of data, files or damage resulting from negligence on your part in this backup.





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